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 I am fortunate enough to love what I do.  Hopefully you do also.  Yet regardless of what your work is or how much you feel fulfilled by it, you can always enhance your experience of work with three small adjustments to your day.

1.  Make sure that you focus on the positive parts of your job
  1. In every occupation there are things one will enjoy more than others.  Be sure that you keep your focus on those aspects of your job - make the most of any success you have.  Do not dwell on the difficult or uninteresting parts of your job - do they well and let them go.  Talk up the high points of the day! Silently be thankful for them three times a day and watch how it helps your attitude and your energy.

2.  Make it your business to stay out of everyone else's business.
Do not engage in any rumours or gossip mongering.  This kind of thing tears down relationships and people.  It can have a terrible effect on staff moral and it will not enhance your own feelings about the job or ultimately yourself.  There is a lot of nastiness and negativity being modelled in the media - don't follow that lead.  Use the old adage - if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
This also goes for "ain't it awful" stuff from the media.  Do not be the spreader of negativity at work.  Don't be a fear monger.  The latest scare, whether it be a flu, virus, terrorist attack, housing or job crisis, does not need you to spread its poison.  Spread good news stories.  There are lots of heartwarming and life affirming stories out there - find them and spread those.  People can take in the other stuff on their own time.
If people at work start talking about either of the two above-mentioned "downers", politely excuse yourself and leave the area.  Don't be a bystander, giving credence to the conversation.

3.  Find the positive aspects of your fellow workers and your boss.

I know that it is not all roses.  Lots of people have to deal with bosses or co-workers who are less than sterling.  But complaining does not help.  Pick up on the positive aspects of your boss and your fellow workers and keep your mind on those.  You need to keep yourself in a positive framework particularly if the situation is tough.  It is an effective method to turn things around and many of us have seen it work. 
If you can manage it be complimentary.  If not at least be thankful for those positive aspects.  For example, a boss who has unreasonably high expectations may also be punctual and reliable.  Focus on the good aspects. Ask what you are meant to learn here.  Let go of any resentment, anger or fear.

Adjusting your attitude is something that is within your control and which you are responsible for.  It can make or break your enjoyment of your job.  The three small adjustments are possible regardless of your situation and they will change your experience of work. 
<![CDATA[How can you pay it forward?]]>Thu, 01 Jan 2015 22:05:57 GMThttp://www.heartconnectimproveyourlife.com/heartconnect-2-workjoy/how-can-you-pay-it-forwardLately I have been making it a habit at least once a month (usually more) to give away some money to other people.  Usually I will just hand a $20 to a cashier at the coffee shop and ask them to pay for other people's orders until the money is spent.  Why would I do this?  Well I am of the mind that with money comes responsibility.  Lots of people don't seem to know this.  Or if they do they don't think it applies to them because they are not what they consider rich.  I figure it this way.  Money is energy and if you are not sharing what you have with others, you are not a live circuit, so how will more flow to you?  Get my point?  I want to increase not stay static in my finances.  The only way to really do that is to give some away and make the circuit bigger.  Check out what these two fellows say in the video below - this will help you to create a mindset for abundance.  So does what I do.  If I can afford to give away money, I must be rich and if I'm rich I have lots of money coming in.  It's a good mental loop, although quality of life is not mostly about money. A new habit to start your New Year (2015\ off right!
<![CDATA[But how do I know what I want?]]>Wed, 24 Dec 2014 06:08:05 GMThttp://www.heartconnectimproveyourlife.com/heartconnect-2-workjoy/but-how-do-i-know-what-i-wantWell, what don't you want?
Finding out what you don't want is almost as important as knowing what you do want. Maybe you try a bunch of avenues before you make a decision about your direction in life. The trouble is that you can waste a lot of time that way. Or at least it is not the quickest way to your destination.

So what do I want?
Usually when someone asks that question, it means they don't know themselves well, or as in my case, that there are so many things that one enjoys that ii is difficult to narrow down the field to something specific. There are some fine tools on the internet or elsewhere to help you. Gallup puts out a Strengthsfinder. There is a Jungian personality profiler that may help.

Get to know who you are and what makes your heart sing.
But taking time to journal your greatest joys might be just as helpful. If you are thinking of going into accounting but you really love music and you play an instrument, I would wonder why you are headed that way. Unless of course you love number crunching even more than music. But if you are only doing it to get a job (that is an acronym for "just over broke") then perhaps it is not as well advised. 

Don't get hijacked!
This is where most people get hijacked. "You have to have a job! How will you pay the rent?" a well meaning relative might lament. Actually most people fall into this pit.  The truth is that people do well at what they enjoy and can put their heart into. They don't usually do well in someone else's dream though. So just because Great Aunt Martha left her fortune for you to become a doctor, if you can't stand being under time pressure or working inside, it may not be for you. 

Don't let fear (yours or others) hold you back!
Once you have made up your mind and your heart says "Yes" just go for it! Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. Remember they said that to all the ones who tried something new. Yet the ones that don't let others get in theway of their dreams, have an amazing life - not normal but amazing nonetheless. And where would we be without the brave souls who do go and live there dreams, leaving the naysayers in the dust, choking on their own spit? So step up to the plate and go for the gold - in whatever field makes your heart sing!]]>